The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) is the fifth-largest school district in California located in southern Sacramento County. EGUSD covers 320 square miles and includes 67 schools: 42 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, 9 high schools, 5 alternative education schools, an adult school, 1 charter school and a virtual academy. Total enrollment for EGUSD in 2019 is listed at 62,000 students… the entire state of Wyoming has 96,000 students (NCES).

The District lies in one of the most diverse areas of California. Our students represent California’s great diversity: Our students speak more than 110 languages, 12 percent are African American, 1 percent are American Indian, 24 percent are Asian, 6 percent are Filipino, 26 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 2 percent are Pacific Islander and 20 percent are White.

Area 1 of EGUSD covers just 7.14 square miles of mostly unincorporated Sacramento County, 6 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School, and 2 High Schools.

Elk Grove Unified School District Area 1 covers includes:
Florin Elementary
Isabelle Jackson Elementary
Samuel Kennedy Elementary
Anna Kirchgater Elementary
Charles Mack Elementary
David Reese Elementary
James Rutter Middle School
Daylor High School
Florin High School

EGUSD Area 1 Detail Map: